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From my Head and my Heart

Living the Dream 

One of my friends always greets me with the expression "living the dream!" and one day, it triggered some introspection. Many people can't say that - maybe because their dreams were abandoned as life happened; maybe they didn't know HOW to pursue their dreams, or sadly, they never really dreamed about what type of life they wanted. But that wasn't me! I was a dreamer at an early age and this introspection made me realize that my setbacks and challenges, surprisingly opened doors and created opportunities…

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It's 2015 - Happy New Year!! 

2014 was an amazing year! It was both interesting and challenging but, it's 2015! Rather than focus on what was, I'd like to set my sights (and yours) on the things I hope to accomplish in 2015.

To start, I will not be taking my annual trip with my son to the NAMM show in California.  We both agreed that it is a great opportunity for us to spend some quality time together because we both tend to be VERY BUSY (I guess he's a "chip off the block").  In the meantime, I'm working to increase my focus and efforts…Read more

2014 is Here! 

We're already in February of 2014 and it's off to an amazing start!  I opened 2014 doing a New Year's Eve gig with my son, Chris II and my "brothers" from Tops in Blue, Percy Lewis, Darry McEachin & Henry Roberson. My wife took the trip but decided to watch the new year come in with our grand daughter, Cady,  while Erika, our daughter-in-law, attended the event.

Towards the end of January, my son and I took our trip to Anaheim, CA to attend the NAMM show.  Although I didn't get to check out all the gear and…

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Solo CD Project Update - New Heights 

Hey All,

Last year this time, I was pulling together music I'd written and thinking it was time to finally release a solo CD project. The problem was trying to figure out what to release and what would I call it. But I finally figured out what tunes I wanted to use and more importantly I know what I want to call it.

I wrote a song called "New Heights" and it spoke to the things happening at that time in my life. Now, I'm at a similar time again, working on this project and I felt "New Heights" was an…

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Happy Valentine's Day! 

Anyone who has ANY bit of romanticism should love Valentine’s Day. I love hearing the stories about what people plan to do for their special someone. I also find it interesting to see the reactions of folks who either forget or don’t take much interest in doing something. It makes me wonder about the state of their relationship.

At any rate, for this year (2013), I decided to modify my activity from last year. Last year, I bought my wife a nice, mushy card but I like to do other little things. So, I also…Read more

Week in Perspective - Jan. 19,2013 

What a week! I am amazed at how a person’s perspective can so drastically shape their interactions with others. But it is even more amazing that we (including me) can be so consumed by our perspective, that we are often clueless as to how our words and actions can put us at odds with others.

Our perceptions about folks can cause us to doubt their capacity to change and as a result, approach those relationships and interactions with skepticism, doubt and unconcern. But, when we take our minds off of…Read more

Weekly Shout Out - Jan.12, 2013 

Family & Friends!

This was my first full week back on the day gig and it was quite a week. But it's the weekend and I wanted to personally say "Thank You" to all who of you who have visited my website, signed the Guestbook and joined the mailing list.

I'm am excited about 2013 and the new musical endeavors I'll be pursuing. Just so you know, my son (Chris II - professional drummer) and I will be heading to California later this month to attend the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show.…Read more