Week in Perspective - Jan. 19,2013

What a week! I am amazed at how a person’s perspective can so drastically shape their interactions with others. But it is even more amazing that we (including me) can be so consumed by our perspective, that we are often clueless as to how our words and actions can put us at odds with others.

Our perceptions about folks can cause us to doubt their capacity to change and as a result, approach those relationships and interactions with skepticism, doubt and unconcern. But, when we take our minds off of ourselves, we can find the power to offer encouragement, display confidence and demonstrate genuine care.

My life is enriched even in these awkward encounters where I’m torn between the choice of fight or flight. But the perceived fight (more times that not) turns out to be no fight at all - and the flight, would have been a missed opportunity to foster or enhance a relationship.

Take comfort in knowing that there’s more to people than what we may perceive.

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