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What an Honor!

I have had the priviledge and honor to play with and for the following artists, musicians and organizations.

Click on the link associated with their name to learn more about each artist or organization.
(listed alphabetically, by first name)

Adam Hawley (Guitar)
Althea Rene' (Flute)
Anthony Bazzani (Keyboards)
Barry Best (Keyboards - Arranger)
Billy Ray Sheppard (Sax)
Brenna' Griffin (Vocals)
Carlton King (Drums - Vocals)
Cedric Ford (Vocals - Keyboards)
Chris Knox II (Son - Drummer)
Cindy Bradley (Trumpet)
Cool Jazz Forever (Concert Promotions)
Dana Robbins (Sax)
Darrell Anderson (Sax)
Darren Rahn (Sax - Producer)
Darryl Brogdon (Keyboards)
Darryl McEachin (Keyboards)
Daryl Evan Jones (Flute)
David Lopez (Keyboards)
Dean James (Sax)
Dwayne "Smitty" Smith (Bass)
Elizabeth Mis (Sax)
Emmette "Lucky" Bush (Drums)
Eric Marienthal (Sax)
Euge Groove (Sax)
Europa Jazz Band
Everette Harp (Sax)
Four80East (Smooth Jazz)
Gerald Albright (Sax)
George McCullum (Sax)
Grace Kelly (Sax - Vocals)
Hans Zermuehlen (Keyboards)
Jackiem Joyner (Sax)
James Burt (Keyboards)
James "Fatty" Ziegler (Drums)
Jeanette Harris (Sax)
Jeff Spence (Keyboards - Vocals)
Jelando Johnson (Bass)
Jerry Jones (Guitar - Bass - Keyboards)
Jessy Dixon (Vocals)
Jessy J (Sax)
Jim Kalson (Bass)
Joel McCray (Keyboards - Producer)
Joey "Perfect Time" Riggins (Drummer)
Johnny Holliday (Sax/Trumpert)
Jon Roundtree Sr. (Drums)
Josh McLean (Drums)
Julian Vaughn (Bass)
Ken Clark (Bass)
Ken Jones (Bass - Vocals)
Kim Waters (Sax)
Lane "La Bouche" McCray (Vocals)
Lemelle Taylor (Minister - Keyboards)
Loretta Blue (Vocals)
Lynel Lowery (Drums)
Lynn Riley (Sax)
Marc Staggers (Vocals)
Marvin Shields Jr. (Bass - Drums - Guitar)
Melina Narezo (Vocals)
Michael Anderson (Drums)
Michael Ward (Violin)
Michelle Garibay-Carey (Vocals)
Mike McLean (Bass)
Monica (Edwards) Moore (Keyboards - Vocals)
Nate Harasim (Keyboards - Producer)
Norman Laird (Bass)
Onel Jimenez (Sax)
Pat Carey  (Bass - Vocals)
Paul Brown (Guitarist - Producer)
Paula Atherton (Sax - Vocals)
Percy Lewis (Vocals)
Phillip "Doc" Martin (Sax)
PM Soul (Band)
Resurrection Singers
Richard Elliott (Sax)
Ricky Peterson (Keyboards - Vocals)
Ron Rhinehart (Keyboards)
Shaakir (Sax)
Sean Byrd (Bass - Guitar)
Silk (R&B Vocal group)
Slim Man (Vocals - Bass)
Stacey Knights (Sax)
Steve Cole (Sax)
Steve Perez (Keyboards)
Third Force (Smooth Jazz)
Tom Browne (Trumpet)
Tops in Blue (USAF Variety Showcase)
True Light Christian Fellowship (Ronson C. Hall, Sr Pastor)
Tim Johnson (Keyboards - Producer)
Venture Carter (Keyboards)
Veree Kilby (Vocals / Keyboards)
Vince Anderson (Drums)
Vincent Ingala (Sax - Guitar)
Walter Campbell (Comedian)
Will Donato (Sax)
Will Downing (Vocals)
Zef Smith (Bass)


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